Incompany and custom solutions

The best solution for specific wishes

An in-company training is a collaboration between your organization and AI-cursus. In-company training courses are organized at your location.

Financially most advantageous from 2 or 3 participants

If you choose to organize an in-company training, you will start to experience financial benefits from 2 or 3 participants. The costs per participant decreases significantly as the number of students increases, because the price for the trainer and the course material is divided among more people.

Customization is possible with In-Company training

We tailor your company's specific training needs to create an ideal training program. All courses from our range are available for in-company training, but we can also develop a partially or completely tailor-made training course.

Our approach

We usually start with a telephone discussion discussing your wishes, followed by a consultation with our trainer(s). If the development questions are clear, we can immediately make a proposal that is guaranteed to lead to the desired results.

Curious about what we can do for your organization?

Are you curious about what a corporate training program can do for your organization? Please contact our training advisors for a free consultation on 020-3080466 or complete the application form on the right and you will hear from us as soon as possible.

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